Surveys better than creating fictitious customer Personas? Hell Yes!

Surveys better than creating fictitious customer Personas? Hell Yes!

Are you writing and and don’t see any impressions, views on your blog? Do you think you have the potential but the world is not able to see this?

Well my friend, this article will tell you how asking people to take a survey will build your content with a very strong foundation. Let’s start.

1. Be authentic

Just like you, I’m sick and tired of reading the same boring article type blog-posts in medium, quora and blogger. Therefore, I’m in a constant endeavor to find good articles.

Don’t believe me? Search for “customer persona” in Medium and you’ll see at-least 500 articles talking out how to build a customer persona. If you look closely the pattern is same.

Therefore, you need to speak your own language, I’m trying to convince the person reading this article is not follow the set patterns and write your own thoughts.

Creating a survey about the likes and dislikes of people will tell you what you need to focus more on while writing your blog post:

Example survey question: What excites you the most?

  • Tips and tricks to be a better digital marketer
  • Freelancing stories
  • Free course material
  • Interview of a successful person in your industry

The above question will tell you what your audience wants from you. This way you will be able to craft an article which will suit your readers.

Note: See the title of the question, its different from the usual survey question you’ll see out there. It looks more authentic then “select the following which you like the most”.

2. Decide who is your audience

Select your niche and decide for whom your articles are intended. You cannot solve world hunger with your blog post therefore you should stick to what you know and how it can benefit other.

I’ll give you example: A beginner fitness Coach should write about basic beginner health tips which can be followed by new enthusiasts.

He/she should avoid experienced fitness enthusiasts as the content/knowledge he has to offer might also be known by them.

By pitching for a survey the trainer can know how many people will benefit from his knowledge:

Example Survey question: How experienced do you feel when someone talks to you about fitness?

  • Not experienced at all
  • Some level of experience
  • I am still learning
  • I think I am confident about what I know on this topic

People falling under the last bracket should be avoided when sharing the articles.

3.Set Low expectations

You also need to understand that even if you spend a lot of time and effort in your articles, it might end up having no organic views.

That’s the harsh reality of Digital as unimaginable quantity of data is poured over the internet every second and everyone wants to get their opinion heard.

In order to increase your reach a fictitious persona while writing the article won’t help as its like shooting arrows in dark.

You need to know what exactly your target audience likes or prefers. For which surveys are best. You just need to give them options of what they want to see/hear from you and then you can write the desired article/blog.

Example survey question: If given a option what would you read from the below blog titles first:

  • Top 10 websites for freelancing gigs
  • Top 10 tools to increase your social media reach
  • Reason why your blog-post is invisible
  • Free courses to increase your knowledge in Digital marketing

Your aim in the beginning should be to help the reader with the problem. If it helps and you’re able to garner a comment, that the article was helpful, call it a successful day and go to sleep.

For those who don’t know what customer persona is, its a fictional target customer which we intend to showcase our services and products. Example: 20 year Male, working and interested in bodybuilding. This character is the baseline for future content creation.

Psychology and Current Situations are also important

A word of caution: You don’t want to limit yourself to 1 persona all the time, you may have to change as per current trends and offerings, therefore evaluating the market helps in growth and in the process you need to decide who your audience is.

I’ll explain with an example: A fitness professional/trainer giving gym-workout plans must change his strategy because of this pandemic.

Asking for everyone to share their thoughts via survey will make sure to know what kind of workouts they need in this situation which will help you better prepare.

Example Survey Question: What is your preferred way of working out in this pandemic

  • HIIT workouts
  • Group Video Call Workouts
  • 1–1 Video call Personal Training
  • Yoga
  • Body-weight workouts
  • Cardio- Jogging, running

I hope I was able to convince you that surveys are the best way going forward to know what’s the best option for you to grow. Let me know what you think of this article.

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