Just Started With Freelancing

Just Started With Freelancing

Before Starting read this: Its my personal experience and I’m not a full time freelancer.

Joined DigitalDeepak internship course >> Joined the mandatory facebook and whatsapp group >> Watched his webinar on earning 1CR by doing various things >> one topic was freelancing >> Posted that I am doing freelancing on whatsapp group>> flooded with questions about it >> Therefore writing this article:

To be honest, I have a IT job with a reputed company and with everyone working from home, its a great opportunity to become productive to compensate for the commuting time.

Therefore without further ado lets start the story.

My job involves troubleshooting DV360 ( programmatic buying : search it) queries and issues. Stumbled upon it by chance. I saw the potential and learned more about Digital Marketing. Did a course from Simplilearn to learn about various concepts.

Now I have the certificate but no exposure whatsoever.

1st Advice: Certificates are good but you also need to have practical knowledge.

Since, I didn’t had any practical knowledge, I started using LinkedIn more, started posting my thoughts, followed a lot of people, connected with them. Found out about various Digital Marketing groups joined them and participated in them.

2nd Advice: The greater your network, the better for you to get freelancing gigs.

Now, I still don’t have any practical knowledge, but I saw a whatsapp query where one furniture rental company wanted to hire Digital Marketing Interns in the group. I applied and they told me I won’t be getting paid. The work consisted of me creating social media posts for their social handles, write answers on qoura, get likes etc.

3rd Advice: Start working for free, no body will pay a nobody for no experience.

Since the internship was unpaid, other guys lost their interest but I didn’t, I created posts for the company and pitched for ideas which they liked. Since I already have corporate experience, I knew how to make nice PPT presentation. The head of the team liked my worked and offered me a different role of market research for his new company.

4th Advice: Be the most hard-working guy in the room/team.

I recently got my first payment and Its a amazing feeling. I only got 5K but I’m happy.

I am also doing another unpaid internship for apparel company, if you wonder why I do this, Its because I am slowly and steadily building my personal brand and once I have done enough and I feel confident that I have expertise, I’ll start with only paid freelancing. But I wonder if I’d get to that point.

5th Advice: Digital Deepak can charge for his service, but you can’t if you have just started. So start working for free and build your portfolio and trust.

I’ll be honest that its tough when you have a full time job and juggle between projects. And if you have read this far, the banner will show how I exactly feel sometimes. Intriguing right 😛


PS: let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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