Inbox Zero – My 6 tips for stress-free gmail productivity | Organize your Gmail

Inbox Zero – My 6 tips for stress-free gmail productivity | Organize your Gmail

Close to 300 billion emails were sent everyday in 2019. That is 300 billion into 365 days which is I Don’t know .. this number. If that is not stressing you out, go check your personal Gmail Inbox.

I know for sure that this is not exactly the most sexiest topic to talk about. Emails are like books and books are boring, but I think its really important to tame our gmail account and that is the reason I’m speaking on this topic. I will tell a few simple steps which you can follow which will not fill you with anxiety next time you open gmail.

Also When it comes to productivity, email should be our best friend but turn out to be our worst enemy. Why? because emails can often be a source of distraction. We constantly check it multiple times every hour, and that repetitive checking can slow us down and pull us away from our work.

So let’s just get right into it. Shall we?

What is inbox Zero?

Inbox zero is Zero emails in your inbox. It might look a long way from what your inbox looks like but we’ll get there.

I want to make it clear before starting that these points are for people who use a personal gmail Account and its not for professionals. Actually these points are applicable for work emails as well but I know you are lazy and you know that 500 emails will come the next day so its useless. Well I don’t blame you I too know the pain.

But I’m confident that you can manage your personal account as we have more control over who can send us an email.

Delete everything and use Google drive to store your files.

Delete everything!

Its the most easiest and most difficult to do. The mere thought of deleting might cause some panic and anxiety to begin with. Its called FOMO “Fear of missing out”. Now think if all these promotions or marketing email are they really important. You might have some nostalgic conversations with your friends. But other than that there are only expired coupons or conversation backups with your ex-GF which needs to go out of your life.

1 suggestion here would be to move the files from GMAIL to Google Drive and delete the shit out of every email.

Filter and Unsubscribe + delete

I will show you right here how I do this so lets jump right into my inbox. Its full of emails at the moment. I have waited to do this for sooo long. This is sending me constant emails and there is no unsubscribe button. So I filtered the shit out of this.

You can filter an email and then unsubscribe it and then delete it if you want.

Remember, you have to be ruthless when it comes to unsubscribe. Someone is constantly badgering you with unwanted emails when you just added a T-shirt in the cart? You don’t want that company anywhere near your digital presence.

Create Labels

Labels are nothing but folders in your gmail. Its a very cool way to organize. Now I have few labels which you can use as well. Like Credit Card Bills, Transactions and Receipts, Newsletter, Nostalgic Emails…

Archive the shit out of everything!

Same Reaction I had when I archived every email in my inbox

Archiving is not deleting and the emails will not show in your face. You can search in the search box for those emails. Don’t worry it works similar to Google Search.

Snooze the emails

We are really close to inbox zero and one thing might prevent it from going zero. There might be some emails which needs some action in future dates therefore you can snooze the shit out of these task and they won’t show up until the selected time period.

Use a built in Task manager in Gmails

How Can I not talk about tasks? How Can I not. My personal way to effectively do my stuff. I click on add to tasks and its in my task list. Then I can archive the mail and go on completing the task.

And that is it, That’s the end of this blog. Thank you guys so much for reading. I really appreciate you sticking around and taking an interest in email. This, I hope, was an interesting read. Thanks for reading, bye.

Why are you still here? I guess the gifs worked out pretty well.

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