Become 10x Productive with Notion| Notion Tutorial #1

Become 10x Productive with Notion| Notion Tutorial #1

Hello guys, My name is Abhishek and a few months back I realized that I was not doing my work properly, I was lazy, I knew it and was not doing anything to fix it?

I had so many ideas in my mind but never actually executed any! I was not able to pursue my personal passions and work commitments on time.

At the end of the day, I felt de-motivated and felt like a loser. Thought that the next morning when I wake up I will start afresh but as you might have guessed, I did the same things again.

Do you feel the same? I’m sure at some point in your academic or work-life you would have slacked off or Procrastinate as you call it.

I knew I was better than this, I said enough is enough and focused on fixing this habit, I went straight to Youtube and drew some inspiration, and started my self-improvement journey by

to-do list in Google Tasks,

my content calender in Trello,

my content writing and notes on google Docs,

my finances in Microsoft Excel

my daily journal in a diary

my bookmarks in google chrome

my recurring tasks in google calendar, you get the point!

I started with a bang, did my tasks well, my content creation was going smooth, I started liking journaling but then got overwhelmed with the apps I have been using to track all of these together.

I started forgetting to complete my tasks or to journal or finding the right article took a lot of time and by the time I found the article, I lost interest in pursuing the idea. In a nutshell, these apps were there in my life but not connected with one another and I had to manually check each one of them and when there is friction, you tend to start procrastinating your tasks.

The same de-motivated looser started to show in the mirror.

Now, I can’t let this happen to me again so I begin my search for the best application out there which can do all these things without switching between the apps and then I stumbled upon Notion.

The notion came in like a lifesaver as it was the combination of everything I ever wanted. It was a to-do list, note taking calendar with all the features I ever wanted. I will discuss them with you in this short blog. Future blogs will dive deeper into this application if needed.

Notion the best productivity App

So lets start!

BTW my name is Abhishek and I am a productivity nerd and anything related to self-improvement. I am a full-time employee of Google Operations Center in Hyderabad. I recently created a website called where I share my thoughts on things and people I draw inspiration from and thought of sharing it so I created this website.

What is Notion?

So what the fish is Notion, according to Notion creators it’s an all in one workspace for essential work tools! You can create Documents, Databases( we’ll call it to excel sheets), knowledge bases, productivity systems, and help in creating the world’s best note-taking App.

According to me, it’s my life ( personal and office) Operating system and a knowledge base for all my creative endeavors. It’s my task manager and content production machine where everything moves very systematically and effortlessly. It’s my second brain you can call it 😂

My Notion Dashboard

What can you actually do with Notion?

For starters, you can use it as a note-taking platform for all your ideas and thoughts. You can use it to capture your study notes and use it as your daily journal.

  • You can use to write notes, add emojis, embed images, pdfs, and also a video, the list is endless and you can see. You can add different headings, add bullet points, toggle, code, callouts, quotes, and whatnot in this application.
Simple Note taking Notion
  • You can use it as a simple to-do list, or a weekly, monthly, or yearly to-do list, you can segregate it by Todo, Doing, and Done. I personally use this kind of an outlay for my content creation. The best feature of Notion is the simple drag and drop feature where you can move anything anywhere!
Notion’s way of creating to-do list
  • You can link almost everything seamlessly from other platforms to Notion so it’s super easy to migrate. (Done)
  • You can create pages inside pages to quickly create your knowledge base about a certain topic. For example, if you have biology and in an online class you entered all the topics you wanted to extensive research on, you can turn them into pages for adding more notes. The application to this approach can be applied to anything work-related, creative process!
Build pages within pages in Notion
  • You can create Databases, we’ll call it Excel Sheets as it’s more Desi and I remember my DBMS subject in engineering which my ex-girlfriend loved but then we broke up and started hating the subject. This is more of an advanced feature but to give you a simple example you can track your daily habits with a simple Database.
Notion Database structure

Guys this is just the tip of an iceberg of things you can do in Notion, these points are only to get you started, more advanced features include relations, formulas and rollups, and much more which if needed I can further expand in future blogs.

You can also refer to the notion help support of video playlist to get more information. I will link them in the description below.

And if you are overwhelmed about where to start, Notion provides easy templates that you can add to your Notion for a quick start and change it as per your liking.

Its all mobile friendly and it also have a dedicated which works perfectly.

I hope I was able to convince you to use it, and if I have, what are you waiting for, go create your Notion and take your life to whole another level!

Wrapping UP

I won’t deny the fact that new users might struggle in using this software, but after several trials and errors on how to use it, you can take your life and business or work-life to a whole another level.

The next blogs will cover how I use my notion and my system on how I effectively use Notion in my day to day life

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I have created this video on the Notion in hindi. If interested give it a try.

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