Sundar Pichai was someone's Neighbor before becoming CEO,
You Can also find Motivation Near You!

We always seek motivation from the top personalities and often forget that they start from humble beginning. We can find such people around us who try everyday to become the best version of themselves. If you are one of them, then its your turn that people start calling you Motivation Near Me.

A Few things I'm motivated and passionate about

My Motivations


A healthy and fit mind and body is the house for producitivity and creativity. Learn more about how to become fit with me .


Mostly people don't finish what they start. The tips and motivation in this section will help you achieving your goals.


If you are not creating something new, you'll always remain unfulfilled(not my saying). Find some creative motivation here


Audio Podcast are just amazing and motivating. You can learn while you wash your dishes. Go on give it a try and explore!

Digital Presense

Everything is digital! Maybe I can motivate you to learn a few things about Digital marketing and how to create your presence


I love to play games, I mean who doesn't! Peek into my interest about gaming and see how I play games and enjoy.

This is how I work mostly

Why Motivation Near Me?

My Story

I am an optimistic by nature, I was into fitness and created which led me to think that I am passionate about a lot of other things too.

I also used to watch videos of CEO’s and big shots to seek motivation and inspiration. Then I realized that, instead of looking upto them I can find motivation near me from the people around.

I intend to share my story and motivations with the world. I hope to see you often 🙂